que es zirimola - quienes somos

Zirimola is the 3 of us, our baby Peru, Mikel and Ziortza, a family practising natural parenting.


The project began in 2012. Douring pregnancy, our eco baby products research started, but we suddenly realised that it was such a difficult thing to find eco products for babies and moms to be, it became really hard to find products that fitted our phylosofy, bio, eco and organic, BPA free, without parabens...


We decided to create Zirimola to help families in our same situation. We wanted to make things easier for those families looking for natural parenting products. We decided to create Zirimola to offer families high quality eco products, environmentaly friendly but also friendly with our babies and our moms bodies.


Why did we choose Zirimola as our shop name? What does it mean? Zirimola means doodle in Euskara, our mother tongue. This word means many things for us, but most improtant ones are the change that parenting has made in our lives, and kids presence in this word, doodles are kids first drawings.